Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultimate Jet Vacations?

Ultimate Jet Vacations is a Luxury Wholesale Travel Agency dedicated to assisting Travel Advisors with every booking detail ranging from flights, hotel room accommodations to dinner reservations.

What is the difference between Ultimate Jet Vacations and any other wholesale travel agency?

Ultimate Jet Vacations differentiates itself from other wholesaler travel agencies by always focusing on servicing the Travel Advisor and the travelers. Our first-hand expertise and a-la-carte approach to all requests that our clients bring to us, allow us to always find an option or solution that will make for the best travel experience.

Does UJV only provide service to travel agencies?

Yes, Ultimate Jet Vacations only works on building reservations and servicing Travel Advisors and their respective Travel Agencies.

How does commision work?

Commissions earned are paid out as soon as the reservation is fully paid and non-refundable. In addition, the standard commission percentage we offer our clients is 15%.

What makes you travel experts?

Our expertise and up-to-date knowledge of the destinations and Hotels we represent is what makes us true experts. We pride ourselves in having been to and vetted all the hotels we recommend our clients to. In addition, our strong relationships with our Hotel partners make us seem as an extension of the Hotel itself.

How is the process of booking through UJV?

You will always have a dedicated UJV Travel Advisor to work with. Upon having a new request from a client and having a brief conversation about what the clients are looking for, we immediately move towards putting options together. Our Quotes, Invoices and Itineraries make it easy to forward or present to the Travelers as they are all white-lable. This puts you and your Agency at the forefront of all documents. We then process payments or deposits for the reservation and have scheduled reminders for remaining transactions. As soon as the reservation is finalized, we send an email communication connecting you and the Hotel in order to congratulate and give you full recognition for your booking. Then, as the check-in dates approach we connect you again with the Hotel in order to reconfirm all the details regarding your clients reservation.

Is there a minimum travel budget necessary in order to book through UJV?

No, there is no minimum travel budget.

Why should i book through UJV rather than directly with the resort?

Our value proposition is all about relationships. We partner with the luxury travel advisor & become an extension of your team. Our team works with you to share knowledge, expertise, save you time, and take work off your plate so that you can run your business as efficient as possible. That’s what we’re all about. On top of that, we offer industry leading commission throughout our portfolio..

Besides hotel bookings, what other services do you provide?

We can assist in building reservations for Air tickets, Transfers, Dinner reservations, Spa appointments, Tours and Excursions, etc. Everything you or your clients require on their reservation, we can handle for you.

How do i enroll in UJV┬┤s rewards program?

Do You do not need to enroll in our program. The only requirement is that you become part of our ever-growing UJV family!