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It is located at a side of Los Cabos where the soul willingly surrenders to el sol on the shores of San Lucas and where a singular beachfront retreat commands a contour of the cape overlooking El Arco and the Bahia San Lucas horizon, unique to Cabo. It attracts guests who are searching for a relaxing and peaceful place. It is the most suitable place for families, friends and couples to enjoy nightlife and happy hour together. From the sleek poolside terrace to the Roof Top, it's a place to revel in the heat of the moment. Set to the pulse of an urban vibe by night and a calm surrender of resort luxury by day, guests of The Cape experience every indulgence. The contemporary lines of Mexico City's visionary architect, Javier Sanchez, and warm designs by Arquitectura de Interiores', Marisabel Gomez Vazquez, draw you in and reveal a reflection of Cabo like no other. It brings guests the extremely luxury experience.

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